5 Practical Ways To Be Emotionally Healthy

Emotional Health is of high importance and marks an integral part of Total Wellness. Emotionally healthy people aware of their thoughts, feeling, actions and behaviors. They are also aware of the other people's actions and energy. If you are emotionally healthy, you can channelize your energy towards better actions that might be productive and useful.

You will feel stress, anger or anxiousness through life's various challenges, but when you are aware about your own thoughts, you deal with them in a better way, helping other people around you as well.

Here are 5 practical ways to become emotionally healthy:

1. Breathe Deep: Breathing deeply from your belly, helps your calm down and rearrange your thoughts. Start with equal count of 4 while you inhale and exhale. Try to hold your breath for 3 seconds in between and repeat the cycle for 5 to 10 minutes. Do not rush, and do t at your own pace.

2. No Focus Relaxation: Try to cup your eyes with your palms and shut your eyes completely. Now as you do this, breathe deeply. There is no or little light around your eyes and it brings your attention inwards automatically without having you to focus on anything.

3. Stretch Your Body: Most of the time, while we are working at our desk all day, we tend to sit in wrong postures that affect our mental clarity and confidence. Energy flow becomes stagnant or feels blocked. You can stretch at your seat, raise your arms, bend a little backwards, side wards and front to let your body loosen up and help the energy flow better.

4.Move Your Body: Exercise is important. Moving your body through daily chores too helps you. It makes you feel elated and joyful. It helps your blood circulate better, keeps your active, aware and agile. Any kind of exercise that you enjoy will help you. Do it for at least 30 minutes a day to start with. We at Shays Wellness practice Yoga (many forms), Zumba dance (low - medium impact) that helps you stretch, tone your muscles and also gets you regular cardiovascular activity to lose weight or maintain good mental and emotional health.

5. Positive Self Talk: How you talk to yourself creates a great deal of impact on your mind and emotional state. While you become aware of your thoughts and behaviors, you will realize your words in your mind are affecting you positively. You can use intentional self talking statements like, "I am peaceful", "I am strong", "I am healing", "I am improving", "I am becoming better day by day", "I am beautiful in my own way", "I can achieve my goals."

If you are struggling with weight loss, food habits, emotional instability, lifestyle management, low self confidence or looking for a good mental support in your journey, reach out to us at Shays Wellness.

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