3 ways to identify your ideal workout

Exercise is important. We are all aware about that. The problem lies in identifying what kind of exercise is suitable for you?

With an entire gamut of workout styles from traditional running, aerobics, to Crossfit, strength training, spinning and yoga it is possible to feel displaced and confused about which exercise should you do to reach your health goals?

And the most important question is, what will give you results!?

Here I will give 3 clear ways to identify your ideal workout:

Find your passion: In what way do you usually love to move your body? Do you love to walk, run, jog, dance? Or do you love to opt for high intensity movements? Or do you have a knack for slow, controlled and intentional body movement exercises? Try to find what you really love to do when it comes to moving your body. That will be your first cue.

Team it up with your lifestyle: After you have identified what kind of movement suits you, try to figure out if the exercise of your chosen intensity can be incorporated with your regular lifestyle. You should be able to give at least 30 minutes every day without feeling disinterested. You need to have a practical approach towards what is sustainable, consistent and result oriented yet blends well with your daily routine.

Sustainability: Whatever may be your chosen form of exercise and health goals, you will only see results if you do it everyday! You need to be consistent and sustain your workout routine with passion and joy. If a form of exercise is causing you immense pain, drenching your energy and making you irregular in your workout with declining interest; it’s time you reconfigure what you choose to stick with your health goals.

We don’t need to follow a certain trend to stay fit. What may be suitable for somebody else may not be as effective for our body type and lifestyle. So choose your best form of workout routine based on who you are, what you love and what your lifestyle allows.

But in every possible situation, keep moving, eat healthy and stay fit! Follow Shayswellness for regular updates on yoga at home, healthy food habits, building body-confidence and much more!