Lifestyle Consultation

"Your weight is not the problem.
How you see yourself, is."

A sustainable plan for you to make peace with food, lifestyle and body. Through Shays Wellness, you will gain a holistic good health inclusive of yoga, meditation and meal plans.


We use intelligent and practical approach to food habits that gives you results without stress. We recommend local, home grown foods in your plan that are easily available and habituated from childhood. 

We consider your lifestyle, relationship with food, emotional balance and body type to make a plan for you. With this program, you will become healthy holistically in body and mind, increase body confidence. And yes, you will lose weight too. 

3 Stage Program


General Lifestyle Assessment to know more about you.


Meal Plan that suits YOUR BODY TYPE, lifestyle, location and weather. Detox tea recipe for weight loss and removal of toxins. Yoga, Meditation, Breathing Exercise guidance. Regular Emotional & Mental Support. 


Post Program Meal Plan to continue afterwards for a sustainable healthy lifestyle.


1 Month

Twice a week consultation

3 Months

Thrice a week consultation