Sayanti Adhikari

Registered Yoga Teacher | Holistic Wellness Consultant | Writer 

Shay's Wellness is owned by Sayanti Adhikari. She is a registered yoga teacher from Ujjain Yoga Life Society International affiliated from The Yoga Institue Mumbai and Yoga Alliance, USA. She has been practicing yoga from 7 years and is currently living in Indore. She is also a Certified Cognitive Behavioral Life Coach.


Her efforts are to improve the life of women and children through Yoga, and make them capable of handling stress, anxiety, lack of self esteem and increase body confidence, peer pressure, competition and other issues with a stable and controlled mind. She also helps parents through Yoga to establish better bonds with children and teens, to create a productive relationship between them and therefore help adults & children with enhanced emotional intelligence. 

Shay is also a writer for wellness articles in local newspapers and regularly writes about various topics related to yoga, mind, body, food, nutrition, clean environment and better relationships. She also coaches on adopting a healthier approach in food and nutrition for better physical health and mind. She conducts workshops all over India, and helps women and children to lead a personally empowered healthy life through yoga. 

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